Who We Are

Danny Faure


I have created the Danny Faure Foundation for a reason – I believe in the dreams of every Seychellois girl and boy, every Seychellois woman and man, and every Seychellois family. I believe in the potential that my country, Seychelles, holds in contributing towards bettering the future of the world.

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I have dedicated the better part of my life to the public service and this Foundation serves as a continuation of my mission to highlight my aspirations so that the coming generation can inherit a more just, equitable and healthy planet.

I lead this Foundation based on the principles which I firmly believe are key to sustainable development- good governance, accountability and transparency. With a partnership-oriented approach, I want to create and sustain partnerships locally and internationally with the objective to further elevate our country to its highest level of development.

As the African Union Champion on the Blue Economy, I also dedicate the work of this Foundation towards the promotion of the Blue Economy as the next frontier of sustainable development

I am proud to launch the Danny Faure Foundation, in part to give back, to advocate and to share my passion for marine conservation. As a recipient of the National Geographic Society’s ‘Planetary and Leadership Award’, I firmly believe in the promotion of ocean governance. Only by working together to this end can we contribute to fixing this planet before it is too late

As Seychelles continues to harness and to tap into the potential of the ocean to achieve its development goals, the Foundation will equally echo the urgent call of the Seychellois people and all islanders across the globe for the protection of the ‘beating blue heart’ of our planet that is the ocean. Following the same call that I made to the world at 406 feet below the ocean surface – during an expedition that the Government of Seychelles carried out in collaboration with the Nekton Mission and the University of Oxford in April 2019 – I remain a staunch advocate for the proper safeguarding and sustainable development and conservation of our oceans and marine life.

As guardians of two-thirds of our common blue planet, islanders should remain determined in our efforts to gather greater information about the ocean floor that should allow us to protect and preserve our marine ecosystem from man-made physical threats and from the ever evolving threats of climate change.

It is my hope that this Foundation can in some small yet significant way contribute positively to a sustainable future as it seeks to empower our youth to innovate and be the advocates for the global change that they deserve.

Our Board Members

Danny Faure

Former President, Danny Faure

Founder and Chairman

I have created the Danny Faure Foundation for a reason. I believe in the dreams of every Seychellois girl and […]

Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne

Vice Chairman

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Mr. Bertrand Belle


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Ms. Ginny Elizabeth


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Mr. Alain de Commarmond


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Lorraine Faure

Ms. Lorraine Faure

Executive Director

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