What are our Chapters

What are our Chapters?

The Danny Faure Foundation’s Chapters is a platform, created by the Danny Faure Foundation (DFF), where like-minded institutions or organisations can develop and showcase their efforts in promoting, ocean protection and preservation, ocean governance, transparency, accountability, good governance, leadership, the blue economy and empowering the youth through activities or projects that are aligned with the objectives of the Foundation.


The DFF has five Chapters. These are Oceans, Governance, Leadership, Youth and the Blue Economy.

Who can sign a Chapter?

Governmental organisations

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) or Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Schools (primary and secondary)

Academia (colleges, universities, research/ scientific institutions etc)

Private Sector businesses

Other institutions

Benefits of having a DFF Chapter?

Access to a network of likeminded organisations under the DFF Chapter.

Access to knowledge and expertise in mutual areas of interest and intervention from DFF’s partners and networks.

Establish partnerships with likeminded organisations and with members of the Chapter.

Exposure through DFF’s online platforms and networks.

Potential activities and involvements?

Establish networks with and between experts in relevant areas, globally, through DFF’s partners.

Establish knowledge exchange programmes or activities between likeminded organisations globally.

Establish networks in project/programme implementation.

How to join?

Step 1: Interested parties need to reach out to the Danny Faure Foundation at secretary@dannyfaurefoundation.org indicating their interest to join and how they will contribute to the Chapter.

Step 2: Interested parties will sign a Memorandum with the Danny Faure Foundation.

Reporting format and mechanisms

Subject to mutual agreement between the DFF and the party interested in carrying out activities or projects under the DFF Chapter.