The Western Indian Ocean – Resilience & Prosperity Initiative (WIO-RPI)

In partnership with the Danny Faure Foundation, the Nairobi Convention and Nekton, the Government of Seychelles is working on the development of a new regional initiative- ‘The Western Indian Ocean – Resilience & Prosperity Initiative’ (WIO-RPI).

This Initiative is a first globally. A prosperous and resilient Western Indian Ocean (WIO) is crucial in ensuring sustainable economic growth, to enhance food security and bolster our resilience to climate change.

The WIO-RPI was adopted as a Project of the Nairobi Convention at the 10th meeting of Conference of Parties to the Nairobi Convention (COP10), in November 2021, where the ten WIO governments unanimously agreed to the development of such an ambitious initiative that will contribute towards sustainable ocean development, supported by science-based management and protection.

The Initiative has the following four main focus areas:

  1. Enhance Marine Science: To inform and coordinate decisions on the sustainable use and management of marine resources and priorities for restoration and resilience.
  2. Harness a Sustainable Blue Economy: To support the development of a sustainable blue economy plan that delivers resilience, jobs and a just, equitable transition
  3. Strengthen Natural Resilience & Restoration: To establish a just, equitably designed and managed connected network of ecologically and culturally representative protected areas in national and international waters, complementing global targets.
  4. Advance Ocean Governance: To advance governance for sustainable use and management of marine resources and protected areas.

The goal of the WIO-RPI is to develop and define ocean policies and design the first five-year strategic plan, over the coming two-years, for ratification at the next Nairobi Convention’s COP11, scheduled to be held in 2023