Ocean Governance

The DFF seeks to contribute towards local and global efforts to protect the health of the beating blue heart of the planet – the Ocean – by implementing these strategies:

PARTNERSHIP: Support ocean conservation and management projects and scientific-research through partnerships with local and international organisations such as the collaboration with the Government of Seychelles (GoS), the Nairobi Convention and Nekton on the development and eventual implementation of the Western Indian Ocean – Resilience & Prosperity Initiative (WIO-RPI). The DFF also collaborated with The Ocean Race to hold The Ocean Race Summits Seychelles hosted by the GoS in March 2022.

EDUCATION: Sensitise the children and youth about the health of the ocean through educational programmes or activities.

LEADERSHIP: Support the empowerment of young ocean champions to contribute towards policy decisions and give them exposure to local and international organisations.

ASSISTANCE: Support ocean champions with technical or fi nancial assistance based on the nature of their project or research.