Ocean Chapter

What is the Ocean Chapter?

The Ocean Chapter is a platform, where like-minded institutions or organisations can develop and showcase their efforts in ocean protection, preservation and governance through activities or projects that are aligned with the objectives of the Foundation.

Our oceans are interconnected. The Ocean Chapter provides a network where likeminded organisations around the world can work together towards the common goal of protecting the beating blue heart of the planet.

The Ocean Chapter for primary and secondary schools

The DFF strives to empower children and the youth to become advocates for global change.

Educational programmes, activities, capacity building initiatives and exchange of experiences and expertise are critical in ensuring that the present and future generations are able to inherit and maintain a healthy and wealthy ocean.

Ocean protection and preservation is a global effort. Schools and children around the world face similar environmental challenges and often undertake similar activities in that regard.

The Chapter aims to bring together all this wealth of information, experiences and resources through exchange and sharing.

DFF’s Objective

To connect schools and educational institutions around the world and to facilitate and contribute towards the establishment of partnerships, and other interactions, in various areas related to ocean protection and preservation.

The DFF Chapter will provide a global platform where schools and educational institutions can establish networks amongst themselves to further empower their ocean champions.

Specific benefits for schools

Contact and connection with other schools and institutions.

Potential exchange of best marine education practices and resources.

Adaptation of education resources available from different countries.

Potential exchange programmes/activities that will cater for the sharing of knowledge and experience between schools.

Potential establishment of exchange networks and work partnerships.

Access to experts/trainers through DFF’s partners.

Access to and benefit from training resources and institutions through the DFF.