Marine Professional development vital to Blue Economy and Ocean Governance

April 5, 2022

Supporting the professional development of marine professionals in Seychelles to drive growth and the development of the blue economy and ocean governance in line with the UN Ocean Decade are at the centre of an agreement between the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and the Danny Faure Foundation (DFF).

In acknowledging the commendable work done thus far by professionals in the marine sector, and through this Memorandum of Understanding with the IMarEST, the Danny Faure Foundation seeks to contribute towards supporting and empowering the present and future generation of marine professionals in Seychelles.

The Memorandum of Understanding will see the two organisations working closely together to support marine professionals based in Seychelles with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills, achieve professional registration including Technician, Incorporated, Registered or Chartered status, and help the country retain its talent.

Those working in marine roles in the area will be able to join the IMarEST and enjoy the many associated member benefits, including networking with fellow professionals, access to technical information, conferences, and the IMarEST’s Special Interest Groups. To support those entering the profession, all full-time students, cadets and apprentices of marine subjects will be offered free IMarEST student membership.

Gwynne Lewis, Chief Executive of the IMarEST, says: “It’s vital that we work collaboratively across the globe to ensure that marine professionals receive the support they need to help create a sustainable ocean and blue economy. To this end, it is a pleasure to be working with the Danny Faure Foundation in the Republic of Seychelles. Our two organisations share many common aims, in particular, the desire to create a sustainable future for the generations to come.”

In addition, the agreement will see the two organisations look to establish a local branch to help form student sections at the university level and develop accreditation of local training programmes to help streamline marine professionals’ route into professional registration.

The Executive Director of the Danny Faure Foundation, Lorraine Faure says: “With the signing of this MoU we look forward to forging strong relations based on our shared values and objectives to empower the current and future professionals in the marine sector. We recognise the leadership and passion espoused by Seychellois marine professionals and the emerging blue champions striving for a sustainable blue economy and a healthy ocean. Our Foundation is honoured to facilitate a partnership between the IMarEST and Seychelles which we believe will contribute towards the efforts of the Seychellois people to sustainably develop all frontiers of the marine sector. We look forward to witnessing the further development of expertise and the emergence of the next generation of professionals through such an important collaboration.”

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