March 19, 2022

A group of local journalists attended a workshop on ‘The Role of Investigative Reporting in the Media’ held on 19 March and facilitated by international investigative journalist Oliver Steeds. The Danny Faure Foundation has organised the workshop with the aim of honing the skills of media practitioners in investigative journalism.

“Through this workshop the Foundation seeks to contribute towards promoting transparency, accountability and good governance” said the Executive Director of the Danny Faure Foundation, Lorraine Faure.

The presentation and discussions covered the process, sources, storyboarding, data journalism amongst other elements of investigative reporting. There were lively discussions on the challenges of practicing investigative reporting. The CEO of the Seychelles Media Commission who has the mandate to monitor the standards of journalism in the country lauded the initiative and said that it was “timely since investigative reporting is a fairly new concept in Seychelles”.

Participants of the workshop came from various local media outlets and included journalists who have many years of experience and those who are following the Diploma Course in Journalism at the University of Seychelles.

The Foundation has also launched a Media Awards for local journalists and media outlets who have demonstrated an understanding of and have contributed towards the promotion of transparency, accountability and good governance in their reports. This is one amongst a series of activities that the Danny Faure Foundation has launched in 2022 to further the promotion of its five pillars.