Danny Faure Foundation (DFF) launched ‘Lo Kannal’

February 6, 2024

On January 18th 2024, the Danny Faure Foundation (DFF) launched ‘Lo Kannal’ – a documentary film produced by Seychellois videographer Mervyn Marie, owner of Freelens Productions, with the support of the Foundation. It is a film that invites you to embark on an immersive journey, experiencing the intricate connection between ocean and man.

“It is not just a film, but a vivid depiction and reminder of the resilience and indomitable spirit of mankind, sustained by the power of nature, regardless of the adversities that may ravage our path” said the Founder and Chairman of the Foundation, Former President of the Republic of Seychelles Danny Faure at the launching ceremony that was held at the Eden Bleu Hotel Conference Hall on Thursday 18th January 2024.

The documentary tells the story of José Mancienne who lives on the island of Praslin whom although his disability goes fishing daily, setting fish traps as a means to support himself and his family.

“It is a clarion call to action, urging you and I to protect the Ocean that sustains our livelihood,” said Former President Faure.

‘Lo Kannal’ which translates to ‘On the Open Sea’ in English, is a series of documentaries featuring stunning footage at the surface and below the ocean that together with Freelens Productions the DFF intends on showcasing to Seychelles and internationally.

The event was also an opportunity for guests to learn of the line-up of activities and projects that the Foundation has for this year.

As a non-profit and non-political organisation, the DFF leverages the power of collaborative partnership to advance its five key strategic pillars notably Ocean Governance, the Blue Economy. Leadership and Gender Equality. Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance and the Youth.

Since its inception in June 2021, the DFF has designed cost-effective and impact-oriented initiatives where the outcomes further empower this generation to be the leading voice of change and progress as we navigate turbulent global challenges.

From sparking the minds of children through art and literacy, supporting innovators, mentoring professionals, hosting the annual Ocean Fair where local NGOs unite and showcase their fantastic contributions and collaborating with the Ocean Race to further advance its goal of achieving a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights, the DFF aims to explore and provide opportunities for exposure.

Each initiative is designed to contribute towards the attainment of sustainable development.