The Mindelo Declaration

February 6, 2023

The Mindelo Declaration
Gathered at The Ocean Race Summit Mindelo, Cabo Verde, on January 23rd 2023, over
300 representatives of government, science, NGOs, sailing teams, businesses and other
national and international institutions, for a discussion on ocean health and concluded in the
following declaration;

Expressing gratitude for the presence and key note addresses of the United Nations
Secretary General António Guterres, Prime Minister António Costa of Portugal, Prime
Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva, former President of the Seychelles Danny Faure, and
former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Lövin;

Thanking the GEOMAR Helmholtz-Centre for Ocean Research and Imar for hosting, and
The Ocean Race for organising, The Ocean Race Summit Mindelo;

Acknowledging the unique knowledge and expertise provided by the speakers and
panellists at The Ocean Race Summit Mindelo;

Recognising the unique status of the Ocean for all life on Earth, stressing that there will be
no healthy planet without a healthy ocean;

Reinforcing the need for immediate action, by all actors and in all sectors, to protect and
restore the health and wellbeing of the Ocean;

Stressing the need for an ever increasing effort in gathering scientific data about the Ocean,
welcoming the unique efforts of the data gathering made by the sailors taking part in The
Ocean Race;
Desiring to promote mutual interest through cooperation in the field of marine education,
particularly in ocean protection and preservation;
Stressing the importance of Ocean literacy programmes aimed for youth, the general public
and decision makers in politics and business, welcoming educational efforts from sports
and other institutions;

Recognising the role of sport in general and ocean racing in particular in working towards
restoring a balanced relationship between people and the Ocean;
Recognising the Ocean provides fifty percent of the world’s oxygen, sequesters carbon
dioxide and regulates climate, and is a source of food and livelihood, providing jobs and
socioeconomic support for billions of people, and that many of the present economic
activities and practices related to the Ocean is unsustainable;

Underlining that the inclusion and respect for diverse values, knowledge and practises,
including many Oceanic and Indigenous peoples worldviews, such as those of Cabo Verde,
can advance equity, justice and sustainability in the blue economy while preserving the
health of ocean;
Stressing that the Ocean has the inherent right to exist, thrive, and regenerate its vital
cycles, to integral health, diversity, and restoration and is revered by many as a source of
spiritual and cultural sustenance with whom we have responsibilities to respect and care for;
Underlining the need for a shared vision of the interconnected relationship humankind has
with the Ocean and close cooperation across global society at large including national and
local governments, non governmental and sport organisations, faith based organisations,
foundations, and the private sector;
Welcoming and supporting the call to action towards a Universal Declaration of Ocean
Rights and the global movement to advance a developed ethical and moral foundation for
the relation between humankind and the ocean;
Urging upon all nations of the planet to recognise the inherent rights and intrinsic value of
the ocean, and to support a future decision on a Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights; and
Requesting the United Nations to include this declaration in the preparations and agenda
for the 2025 United Nations Ocean Conference and in the Summit of the Future 2024